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Words of Congratulations on the Occasion of Dive 3000 from Bob Gagosian

TO: Master, Atlantis II; Expedition Leader Pat Hickey, Barrie Walden, Dudley Foster

SUBJECT: ALVIN 3,000th Dive

On behalf of the Trustees, Members of the Corporation, and staff of WHOI, let me congratulate you on this day of your 3,000th dive. Over the past thirty-one yars, ALVIN has progressed from being a gleam in a few WHOI researchers' eyes, through a stage of being an engineering development item, to its status today as the premier benthic science tool. Dive after dive, day after day, year after year, ALVIN has carried the world's scientists into the abyss safely and effectively. The discoveries they have made, thanks to your enabling service, have revolutionized out understanding of the ocean deep and the Earth's structure.

We are all very proud and hail your accomplishments.

Congratulations, good luck and continued success!


Bob Gagosian

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