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Dive 2924

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Port Observer: Lilley
Starboard Observer: Juniper
Pilot: Williams
Date: 5/28/95


Dive Goals: The dive objectives were to sample fluids from Dudley, S&M, Milli-Q, Salut and Bastille

Summary: Navigation was out the entire dive (having been "tuned" to allow the 14.5 kHz transponder to be heard, which it wasn't the dive before).

Morning spent finding old inactive sulfides, probably to the east of Dudley. A structure eventually found and sampled which was reoccupied on a later dive and confirmed to be Dudley.

1201 Taking major 4, gas tight 2. Blee says he may have plugged the gt by poking it into sulfide.

1225 Deploy marker AA at sampling site. Dive terminated early due to ground problem.

Port Observer Narrative
Starboard Observer Narrative
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