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Dive 2927

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Port Observer: Robigou
Starboard Observer: Baross
Pilot: Hickey
Date: 5/31/95


Dive Goals: The objectives of this dive were to find High Rise Field, sample fluids to check on chemistry gradient, mark new or unmarked sulfide structures and identify and document nice flange sites

Summary: After a landing east and north of the field, a western traverse toward the centrally -located horst to check sonar interpretations along the way. Landing on the edge of the eastern wall talus slope. After following a west-facing fault scarp the first sulfide structure encountered is Godzilla (10:00, 5769,8329). At the top of the structure we orient ourselves to sample fluids. D2114, alt 35 m, Hg: 30. First smoker sampled ALVIN T-probe T= 333.4°C MS10, GT2, GT6. Deployed large triangular marker 1T. Second smoker sampled,

ALVIN T-probe T=341.3°C MS12,GT5 deployed small triangular marker AJ. At Bambi, 5782,8320,2142,19,296

At Boardwalk, found 1991 marker C and D(5758,8297,2142,17,244). Sampling fluids close to D. ALVIN T-probe T=342.2°C MS9, GT7. Sampled a small piece of the smoker chimney while sampling fluids and deployed triangular marker A8. Then we investigated a small flange on Boardwalk. Pool T=278.4°C (5755,8293,2141,18, 019), sampling a piece of flange. Heading to Ventnor to continue fluid sampling of field. At Ventnor (5606,8227,2164,6,139). ALVIN T-probe T=341.7°C sampling MS6 and deploying marker AI. We are out of discrete bottles to sample. Manifold sampling temp=303.3°C and major 1. Deployed the large triangular marker 1M (5606,8219,2163,8,098). Finally we go back to Boardwalk to look better at the flange (J. Baross) deployed

marker AL and sampling the rest of the manifold (3 majors and 1 GT) in the flange pool. On ascent we trigger the Niskin bottles at 5 m (red), 10 m (orange) and 15 m (blue).

Port Observer Narrative
Starboard Observer Narrative
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