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Dive 2928

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Port Observer: Olson
Starboard Observer: Olds
Pilot: Williams
Date: 6/1/95


Dive Goals: The dive objectives are to sample fluids in the southern part of the MEF and to run a Mesotech grid over the cluster Bastille, Needle and Tara.

Summary: Mesotech for grid is set to 30°, fast and gain of 20 m display On bottom at 4871,6081,2193,H186. Traversing sediment-covered basalt and heading toward R-Bastille, Needle cluster. Reached marker Y (Needle?) and sampling a smoker. ALVIN T-probe T=366.4°C, MS10, MS9, GT5 filled at 4896,5997,2184,H237. Deploying triangular marker AH at H210.

We then tried to maneuver between the Tara, Needle gap and ended up at Puffer by markers U and star. We decided to sample at marker star using the manifold. Port outer major at T=370.3°C 360 at inlet and 255 at outlet. Port GT inlet at 353. Major port inner taken 370.9°C at inlet and 280 at outlet. Finally marker AG deployed at the sampling location. En route for Peanut. At Peanut, by marker 8E (4855,6009,H177)Manifold starboard inner major inlet at 342 and outlet at 268. (4855,6008,2194,H173). Starboard GT inlet at 342 and major starboard outer taken inlet at 315. ALVIN T-probe reads 356.9°C here. 12:14 marker 1L deployed.

Going to what we think in Bastille. First smoker is too wimpy. ALVIN T-probe does not work. Sample other smoker T= 361.8°C, GT2, MS12, GT7, GT6, marker 1R deployed with great difficulty. It keeps running down slope from the sampling location (H175). As we back away from this sampling area we see marker AH. Were we at Needle?? or earlier on at Bastille?

On ascent triggering Niskin bottles above 1R. orifice is at 2174, blue at 2 m, orange at 6 m and red at 9 m.

Port Observer Narrative
Starboard Observer Narrative
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