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Dive 2933

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Port Observer: Lilley
Starboard Observer: McCaffrey
Pilot: Hickey
Date: 6/8/95


Dive Objectives: Deploy and test conductivity J-hook at Salut

Deploy temperature probe at Puffer

Sample fluids in southern part of the field and Bastille cluster.

Summary: On descent testing the conductivity probe. Everything seems to work. Conductivity J-hook deployed at Salut, monitored, communication cable disconnected. Working close to the arrow marker.

Deployment of the temperature probe at Puffer. 4873,5981,2194,alt 4m. Collecting tube worms in this location (close to smoker in which the T-probe has been installed). Temp. at the worm heads is 6°C and the base 22°C. A small piece of sulfide is collected with the worms.

Traveling between Bastille (P or R) and Peanut (1L), then sampling for fluids, Bastille and Needle.

samples taken:

Bastille AD port outer major, port inner major, port GT, starboard GT; T 282-290

Needle AN starboard outer major, starboard inner major, GT 2 blue T 375 Needle AW blue 10 major, GT 5, major purple 4 T 368.

Port Observer Narrative
Starboard Observer Narrative
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