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Dive 2937

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Port Observer: McDuff
Starboard Observer: Landsteiner
Pilot: Hickey
Date: 6/16/95


Objectives: 1) release camera from Milli-Q, install replacement

2) find Elevator, pickup camera and temperature probe

3) install camera and temperature probe at Cannaport

4) find J-hook

5) install J-hook at Cantilever

6) install temperature probe at Grotto (decision made to deploy at Puffer instead)

7) sample fluids at Puffer (not accomplished)

Summary: The launch target was SE of Milli-Q, reached at ~0950L. We drove to the NW toward Milli-Q, finding the camera site. Pat attached the floats we had taken down to the camera and it was away at 0957L. The replacement camera, carried down by the sub, was put in place, finishing about 1012L. We then positioned the camera, finishing about 1025L.

We then drove to the east to search for the elevator that had been dropped in place two nights earlier. Its location was (5189,5745,2210) in an area of rough terrain. We retrieved instruments from it and then the surface was then instructed to release the elevator. However after twenty minutes it had not moved and Pat pulled the release pin manually. It was away at 1125L.

We then drove back to the west toward Cannaport. We passed a vigorous smoker on the east side of Sully at

1141L and reached Cannaport at 1147L. The camera was put in place, working from the SE, then the temperature probe working from the SW, finishing ~1220L.

We then drove toward the NW to search for the J-hook which had been dropped at (5200,6080). Eventually after a long run to the south, on the return toward the drop target at ~1323, position (5192,5979) Mary sighted the flasher to starboard. We found the J-hook shortly thereafter and moved it onto the sub, finishing about 1350L.

We then drove back to the west toward Cantilever. We passed over the pass at AH, saw P below us to starboard, and made the turn down to marker AS on Cantilever arriving about 1410. The J-hook was installed finishing about 1420.

Power was short and the surface had reported earlier that the weather was degrading. With the significant chance this was the last dive, the decision was made to install the temperature probe at Puffer. The temperature probe was put into position and we dropped weights at 1430L.

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