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Temperature Probes

Temperature is one of the most important parameters needed to characterize the behavior of a hydrothermal system. The systems we use for this purpose were designed and built in 1991 as part of the Flange Fluid Fluxes program. They consist of a pressure housing containing a Onset Computer Tattletale IV single board data logging computer, necessary condition electronics, and a bank of 5 Ah lead-acid batteries connected to an array of type K thermocouples. The array consists of four thermocouples in a 1/8" o.d. Iconel sheath, arranged in two pairs of two separated by ~4 cm. The thermocouple wires are connected to copper in a molded junction which during deployment will be bathed in seawater. A 10 kohm thermistor is located at this junction so that the temperature of the junction is known. The system is programmed to record temperatures at a period appropriate to the memory available for data storage and the length of deployment anticipated.

Deployments During the Mixing Zephyr Program


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