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Marker Locations

These marker locations have not been adjusted for recomputed navigation......this is generally not a serious problem except for dive 2923 which is offset substantially because of use of an incorrect origin in the sub

Markers Visited
Type of sample
Type of instrument
Potential site for
"sampling or instrument"
Hulk2923J12:50519056382191?visited during dive
Hulk2923A313:2551975626218813deployed 50 cm left of smoker sampled
Dante2923X13:41/13:4551245543217815visited during dive
Dante2923A714:0651205545217815deployed 20cm to the right of smoker sampled
Cement bag2923cement bag12:40/12:45515257022190?visited during dive
Dudley?2924AAlate in diveunknown location
TP2925L10:284972/49676237/62412182/218314/13visited on TP
Dudley2925AA10:34-10:354980618721919visited on Dudley
Dante2925A711:01/11:0249586218217810melted on Dante
Dante2938A611:0349586218217810replace A7 on Dante
Dante2925X11:12no good293821916visited on Dante
S&M2925Kim's cam11:41/11:424909610021903north of S&M
S&M2925Kim's mark11:44/11:45north of S&M
S&M2925A911:174912/49176072/6066219213deployed by smoker on S&M
S&M2925A113:015007604721887deployed by smoker on Milli-Q
Milli-Q2925E13:025003604721887seen on milli-Q
Milli-Q2925A113:09no goodstill at smoker Milli-Q
Milli-Q29251E13:16no gooddeployed Top of Milli-Q
Milli-Q2925A413:41no good21863deployed at smoker on Milli-Q
Salut2926A511:444851587721944deployed under flange
Puffer2926AE12:564867599121935deployed by smoker
South2926OBS tripod10:13:534782576821823McClain 1991 OBS tripod
Salut2926Arrow10:344866587521865visited on Salut
Puffer2926U12:214868598821926visited on Puffer
Godzilla29271T10:3857698329211435smoker close to top
Godzilla2927AJ11:0057708336211436smoker close to previous
Boardwalk2927C11:16no good2938
Boardwalk2927D11:2357588297214217covered with tubeworms
Boardwalk2927A811:36no goodsmoker sampled
Ventnor2927AI12:285606822721646smoker sampled
Ventnor29271M12:535606821921638marker on top
Boardwalk2927AL13:2457498298214514deployed under flange sampled
Peanut2928Kim's cam10:02/10:06????visited north of Peanut (1993)
Tara2928AH10:54489059952184?deployed by sampled smoker
Sully2928star11:41/11:42no good fixesvisited on Sully
Sully2928AG11:41no good fixesdeployed by smoker sampled on Sully
Needle2928293811:464884599821848passed by
Tara2928AH11:474884599521865visited on Tara
Peanut29281L12:164856601421869deployed by smoker sampled
on north lobe of Peanut
????????29281R12:40/13:37????deployed on Tara or Needle?
by sampled smoker
on top of tall spire
Ventnor29291M9:21:305601822521648-H088visited at base of Ventnor (2927)
Ventnor2929AI9:33/9:55561182342164?-H213/195visited sampled smoker (only major on 2927)
29382938293829382938293829382938sampled on 2929 at 340.8C
Fairy Castle2929AR10:23568581332146?-H348sampled smoker on Fairy Castle
Fairy Castle29291V10:44????deployed 1V on Fairy Castle
Baltic29291U11:43574682372159?-H345deployed on Baltic
Baltic2929AQ11:47????deployed by smoker sampled
Park Place2929AO12:0857428276?214117-H330smoker sampled at 331C
Park Place 29291X12:12????deployed at base of Park Place
Boardwalk2929D + A812:24:05visited
Boardwalk2929AB12:35Potential flange marked for later recovery
Boardwalk2929AL12:46"visited deployed earlier"
Three Sisters29291P13:30on tubeworm field at NW base of 3 sisters
Godzilla29291T13:42visited on way up to the surface
Wall293014.5 kHz10:13Released the problematic 14.5 kHz Xponder
will be redeployed June 7
Salut2930A511:354867587221916 H236Visited flange and measured depth of pool (max 3-4 cm)
Salut2930"""arrow"""11:37:48no good fixes293821886 H227"Just above marker ""arrow"""
Needle2930P13:00:374869599121889 H063Unknown 1991 Marker at base of Needle (SW corner)
Peanut29308E13:19:154864601121933 H203visited (new spire grown on east side of lnorth low lobe of Peanut
Bastille2930P13:38:414875598921923 H330sampling smoker T=360C
Bastille2930AM14:094873598821924 H003marker deployed by smoker sampled
new struct in MEF2930AP15:004859597621964 H194marker deployed on new small structure east of Puffer
western wall2931Sample9:455977892221673 H292basalt sample from western wall with nice fresh glass rim
Tubeworm Field #12931AC11:255879955721337 H269"Sampled beautiful tube worm field on N-S basaltic ridge Temp inside worms 14 12 8"
on Basaltsurface of wormsTemp: 5.1C
Yellow GsT + yellow Major
Tubeworm Field #22931AK12:075884973721275 H185"Temp: 24 29.4 30 30.2 29.8C in side worms"
on sulfidespurple GasT red Major
Sampled tubeworms
NEW FIELD2931293813:336685984321569 H312Entering a new vent field indentified by water column work on this cruise (Lilley and Co)
Salty Dog2931 13:2766759843214414 H035sulfide structure with one smoker and flanges
Salty Dog2931AF13:3066759843214414 H191Smoker sampled Temp: 323.9C
purple major + blue GasT and red GasT
"Temp: 321 322 319.4C"
Salty Dog2931flange14:0029382938214613 H153top of flange: Temp: 28.1C
edge of flange: Temp: 71C
"top of flange Temp: 0.5 0.6 C"
"top and ""red"" community Temp: 7C"
"pool temp: 284.3 292 294.4C"
80 cm wide and 80 cm away from sulfide wall
flange sampled but broke up in small pieces
293114:15:30214315 H172Red niskin
293114:16:40213622 H189Orange niskin
S&M2932Kim's cam10:10:2149396028219016 H251visited
Peanut2932Kim's cam#######4874601321914 H 325visited
Peanut2932CA10:35:0548636012Line of MARKERS deployed from north of Peanut to south S&M and further east
fault by S&M2932CO10:45:2849185989
Needle2932B711:12:1148955997217513 H189deployed on top of Needle tubeworm covered spire
Bastille2932unmarked11:354886599621855 H165sampling at unmarked smoker on Bastille
Salut2933J-Hook #19:554859586321954 H 282deployed 1st j-hook with resistivity probe
Salut2933arrow10:21/10:224861586421935 H275visited
Salut2933A510:23:154861586221945 H311visited
Puffer2933U10:36:324868596921917 H050visited
Puffer2933Temp #110:53/10:544870597921936 H141deployed first temperature probe
Puffer2933AE11:12passing by
Bastille2933AM+P11:144869598021926 H027visited
Peanut29331L11:15:564968599421932 H293visited
Bastille2933AD11:48:304879600121902 H216visited
Needle2933293812:0548935982217513 H351base of spire
Needle2933AN13:024890599121855 H 279-283deployed marker at smoker sampled
Needle2933B713:1648875993217613 H080visited on top of spire
Needle2933AW13:4548905998217913 H164deployed by sampled smoker
Milli-Q2934A110:314898594121906 H134visited
Milli-Q2934A410:434916593221856 H268visited and resampled Temp:
Milli-Q2934CAM#111:344616593921867 H240deployed time-lapse camera #1
Milli-Q2934Temp#211:56:574913594121876 H210deployed temp#2in smoker at which Cam#1 is aimed
Milli-Q2934A112:114907593921895 H209visited and resampled Temp: 363C
Grotto2934APL inst13:1549496141218810 H305visited and deployed a marker
Grotto2934BA13:194941614321884 H 042deployed marker on APL generator
2936Hazard293855468056Railroad wheels with cables
Salut2935J-Hook#29:334859586821933 H2282nd J-Hook deployed in flange at Salut and brought back on board same day
Salut2935J-Hook#110:252938293829382938RELEASED TO SURFACE
Salut2935A510:494859586721944 H229visited marker below flange
Puffer2935Temp#111:104874598221934 H174visited Temp#1
Puffer2935U11:394873596921926 H083visited marker U on Puffer
Bastille2935P + AM11:404869597721926 H026passed by makers P and AM on Bastille
Cantilever2935AS11:554877598521942 H139deployed marker AS left of flange
Tara2935Y12:20:3048995986218410 H225passed by marker Y on Tara
Dudley2935B912:434997612821965 H170deployed by smoker sampled on Dudley
Dudley2935AA12:475005612021958 H240visited on Dudley
Grotto29353713:07:174966613221973 H268PVC marker 37 at base of Grotto
Grotto2935BA13:1549486140218910 H301marker BA by generator of top of Grotto
Grotto2935BA13:2849456142218810 H303marker BA passed by on Grotto
Clam Bed2936A9:465436766621841 H054Marker A at Clam Bed by Adam Schultz EM meter
Clam Bed2936A10:015440767821862 H206White smoker sampled with manifold (major)
Clam Bed2936clams10:145439767821861 H147The clams at Clam Bed
Tubeworm Field2936tubeworms10:365488778421747 h045New area with Tubeworm field and white smokers
Dead sulfides + TW2936sulfides11:345548810321763 H064new area of dead sulfide large blocks and diffuse flow with tubeworms
Chimneys2936chimneys11:445651815121727 H076"3 new sulfide chimneys (2 dead 1 active)"
South of Fairy Castle2936Stakes 1411:465677814321793 H054"south of Fairy Castle High-Rise field"
Boardwalk2936AB12:0457368292215215 H134Flange marked AB in dive 2929
Milli-Q2937CAM#19:514921593121848 H290location of Cam#1
Milli-Q2937CAM#19:572938293829382938CAM#1 released to the surface
Milli-Q2937CAM#210:124914593521837 H253CAM#2 deployed on Milli-Q
Milli-Q2937Temp#210:234916593921847 H243Temp#2 deployed on Milli-Q
Cannaport2937AP11:464859598421933 H199AP marker visited
Cannaport2937CAM#312:004861597321953 H259CAM#3 deployed at Cannaport
Cannaport2937Temp#312:174853597421951 H`118Temp#3 deployed at Cannaport
Cantilever2937AS14:004875598321918 H096AS marker visited
Cantilever2937J-Hook#314:114875598921941 H155J-Hook#3 deployed at Cantilever
Puffer2937Temp#414:284870597921945 H160Temp#4 deployed at Puffer
Dudley2938B910:184999614421937 H167visited marker B9
Dudley2938J-Hook#410:254806629921937 H281J-hook#4 deployed on Dudley
Dudley2938B910:285005613121947 H261visited
Dante/Dudley2938Battery10:504997614221953 H216Deployed sea water battery for W. Wilcock
Grotto2938BA12:214944615321867 H359visited marker on top of Grotto
Grotto2938Temp#512:424936615221868 H340Deployed Temp probe #5 by BA
Grotto2938CAM#412:504944615421879 H298Deployed Cam#4 by BA
Dante2938X13:10:304985616621867 H253visited marker X on Dante
Dante2938A613:1549816176217715 H236visited A6 and resampled smoker already sampled at this location
Hulk29398F9:3350446236218814 H007visited and sampled smoker above 8F
Crypto2939BG10:0750526221219710 H214deployed marker at smoker sampled
TP2939BE10:405040619122012 H103deployed marker at smoker sampled
Dante2939X10:45/10:46??21924 H208visited marker
Lobo2939football 311:024928617421894 H036passed by football marker
Lobo2939V11:044937617421895 H114visited and smoker sampled near by
Lobo2939BD11:384942617521895 H336deployed by smoker sampled
Lobo2939K11:39:274940616421876 H192passed by on Lobo
Dudley2939J-Hook#411:44/11:494996613121915 H147/155visited flange with J-Hook #4 for sampling
Dudley2939AA11:505000612721937 H121passed by on Dudley

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