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Analysis on Samples from Plume Studies


Bulk analysis of particulate samples will be performed by XRF spectrometry on a Kevex 770/8000 system for the following elements; Mg, Al, Si. P, S, K, Ca, Ti, Ba, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, As, Sr, and Pb. Analysis will be performed using the thin film technique standardized by sediment, rock, and soil standards using direct and secondary excitation. Individual particle identification will be performed by an SEM equiped with an x-ray detector for chemical identification. Features analysis programs will be used to ascertain the average size and distribution of various particles in the bouyant plume samples at the various vents.


Samples Taken
CTD Particulate samples95
CTD SEM Samples9
CTD Helium Samples108
CTD Nutrient Samples97
CTD Silica Samples88
CTD TDM Samples18
CTD DTM Samples64
CTD Oxidizaion Samples55
CTD Gas Samples108
CTD Bio Samples108
Alvin Particulate Samples17
Alvin SEM Samples21
Alvin Rare Earth Particulate14
Alvin DTM Samples17
Alvin Nutrient Samples17
Alvin Silica Samples17
Alvin Oxidizaion Samples14
Alvin Gas Samples14
Alvin Bio Samples2

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