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rad, Re-navigating ALVIN Dives

rad is a Matlab program used to work, via a graphical user interface, with navigational data from the ALVIN data logger. The current release is v1.2. rad was programmed by Abdellah Cherkaoui and Christian Parker, the "rad tough dudes".

Example of travel times and fixes filtering using rad's graphical user interface

Dive 2030

  • Main features

    RAD 'Re-navigating ALVIN Data' (ver. 1.1) has been designed during the first leg of the Mixing Zephyrs research cruise. Its aim is to effectively process and recrunch Alvin's in-hull navigation data.

    The version 1.1 of RAD performs essentially four tasks:

    Last revision: 06.12.95

    By the RAD tough dudes :

  • Click here for a full documentation.

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