Oceanography 540--Marine Geological Processes--Autumn Quarter 2002

Oceanography 540
Lecture Schedule
Autumn 2002

Sep 30
1--Course Overview; Geologic Overview, Topography and Age of the Ocean Basins
Oct 2
2--Marine Sedimentation, Sediment Thickness and Type
Oct 3
3--Conduction; Conductive Plate Model
Oct 7
4--Subsidence of the Lithosphere, Sea Level
Oct 9
5--Mantle Flow and Crustal Generation
Oct 10
6--Phase Diagrams
Oct 14
7--Petrological Relationships in Generating Ocean Crust
Oct 16
8--Convection and Rayleigh Criteria
Oct 17
9--Porous Media
Oct 21
10--Convective Flow in Porous Media
Oct 23
No Class
Oct 24
11--Distribution of Convective Heat Flux
Oct 28
12--Determining Hydrothermal Fluxes
Oct 30
13--Determining Hydrothermal Fluxes (continued)
Oct 31
14--Time Series Analysis
Nov 4
15--Time Series Analysis (continued)
Nov 6
16--Sediment Accumulation
Nov 7
17--Sediment Diagenesis
Nov 11
Veterans Day
Nov 13
18--Applying Matlab to Core Analysis
Nov 14
19--Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes as Paleotracers
Nov 18
No Class--Faculty Retreat
Nov 20
20--Orbital Geometry
Nov 21
21--Pleistocene Records: Frequency Domain, Time Domain, Phase Relationships
Nov 25
22--Pleistocene Glacial-Interglacial Cycles
Nov 27
23--Pleistocene Responses: The 100 ky Problem
Nov 28
Dec 2
24--Boundary Shear
Dec 4
25--Settling of Particles; Threshold of Motion
Dec 5
26--Particle Collisions and Aggregation
Dec 9
27--Suspended Load
Dec 11
28--Sea Level in the Frequency Domain

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